In 1970 the brothers Giuseppe and Antonio GNAGNARELLA create a small repair shop for agricultural tools. With hard work and a strong practical intelligence they manage to solve a good part of the technical problems of local farmers and to manufacture agricultural tools of a much higher quality than the competition.


The small workshop does nothing but grow and develop until it becomes a point of reference for all the farmers who needed equipment built to last, and a term of comparison for the other manufacturers. 

In 1995 the GNAGNARELLA group split into Spraysystems Gnagnarella based in Pollutri, which sells agricultural equipment, and Industria Meccanica Gnagnarella based in Guastameroli, which specializes in the construction of agricultural trailers, led by Antonio and their sons Giustino and Piero.
From 2000 onwards, the success and recognition of the superior technical and construction quality of the farming trailers cross national borders and, thanks to the family tradition and accumulated knowledge, in 2008 IMeG, the legitimate daughter of Industria Meccanica Gnagnarella was born from a new entrepreneurial drive. IMeG, with its established production of agricultural trailers, is the synergistic concentrate of the ideas of all the management, of all the technical collaborators and of all the suppliers of the company. A tried and tested mix of skills, abilities and skilful assignments assigned to each of the corporate roles 

A young and enthusiastic ownership leadership, assisted by a dynamic and highly motivated management, are allowing a constant commercial expansion and a continuous technical evolution.
They are already appreciating the IMeG trailers, the typical quality and convenience of the brand, in Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Luxembourg, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, and Denmark. 

New markets, from time to time, adhere to our corporate philosophy, consistent with the ever-expanding production capacity.
We are therefore proud to be able to offer all those looking for an agricultural trailer, the best quality/price ratio available on the market today, without fear of being denied:
“It is not possible to buy a trailer of this quality at a lower price than ours, and, likewise, it is not conceivable to be able to buy a trailer with higher quality than ours at this price.”